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Is pain holding you back from working out, playing sports, or just being active with friends and family? 

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My goal is for you to spend less time in the clinic and more time living your life.

I founded Groundwork PT as a better alternative to the traditional outpatient physical therapy model. No more split-attention appointments. No more insurance company dictating how and when you can be treated. No more surprise bills weeks or months after treatment.

I have some nice professional certificates; but I think I'm mostly known as a good listener.

Let me listen to your concerns and work with you. Together, we will create an individualized plan of simple, actionable steps that you can integrate into your daily life.

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Discover how to rebuild your movement patterns so you can get back to doing what you love.



Reconnect to your body and your environment.



Hit the reset button. Make the choice to actively engage in your health and wellness.



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My practice is centered around lower body injuries, focusing on foot and ankle mechanics. I’ve spent the past decade helping everyday people move with greater ease and comfort.


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Susan P.

Katie is knowledgeable and thoughtful, and her insights, manual work, and the exercises she has prescribed have helped to increase my mobility and reduce the pain from a traumatic bone break three years ago. When I needed help motivating myself to exercise at home, she created a special video for me to guide me through the exercises. She also offered to talk to my personal trainer so that my workouts at the gym build on — rather than work against — my physical therapy exercises. Her focus on her patients is exceptional and I am so glad to have had her help over the last year.

Moira G.

What I thought was plantar fasciitis, wound up being a tear in my plantar fascia (thanks for the recommendation to Sports Medicine Katie). I have been fortunate to work with Katie for the last 6 months to help heal the foot and other gait issue. Not only is Katie knowledgeable, but she will push you to do new exercises that HELP even if they seem a bit out of your comfort zone. She is always positive and I enjoy working with her weekly.

Odella F.

I had the most positive experience with Dr. Katie Lee. Her sessions were the perfect balance of PT exercises, manual treatment on my ankle/foot, and conversations about foot mechanics and the root of my pain. Katie was incredibly personable, sharing about her own life and remembering details about mine. She was also very responsive to any questions I had between appointments. After three sessions, my pain minimized and I had all the information I needed to continue to manage it on my own. Katie is truly raising the bar for all physical therapists.

Simon G.

I have seen Katie for sports injuries over the course of many years now. She is remarkably knowledgable, effective, caring, and thorough. She has dry needled my calf, helped me recover from strains, and given me all manner of exercises to even out my uneven sides. I followed her from her previous practice to Groundwork. She is the best.

beth m.

I've been working with Katie Lee at Groundwork Physical Therapy for the past three months and I can't recommend her highly enough! I have been suffering from "plantar fasciitis" (in quotes because that was a diagnosis, but never quite fit) for well over a year. Several orthopedists, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a podiatrist and many different treatments later, I experienced only episodic and limited relief. At Groundwork, Katie took the time to really listen and assess my issues--with the results that I'm now doing exercises for my hips (it's all connected!). At long last, I am able to walk and even jog without pain!! Hooray!! I feel like Katie Lee and Groundwork gave me my life back.


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